$5 PoisonTap Tool Easily Breaks Into Locked PCs
Proving once again that you can do a lot of damage with a little investment and a lot of ingenuity, security researcher Samy Kamkar recently managed to take down a locked, password-protected computer armed with only a US$5 Raspberry Pi. The low-tech cookie-siphoning intrusion is one of Kamkar’s simplest... Read more
SteamVR Performance Tool knows if your PC can Vive
We recently learned the price of the HTC Vive and all that your money will get you, but there was still one major detail that had yet to be confirmed by HTC or Valve; what PC specs will it take to run Vive. The new SteamVR Performance Test is... Read more
Using Hearthstone cheat programs could infect your PC with malware
If you’re a Hearthstone player and not averse to using hacks and deck tracker add-ons to gain an advantage in the game, you may want to rethink your morally dubious actions. Security firm Symantec has just revealed that many of these third-party programs that supposedly benefit players can actually... Read more
Rumor suggests more Xbox One exclusives are headed to PC
Following the announcement that Quantum Break, previously an Xbox One exclusive, will be heading to PC on its April 5th launch date, a rumor has appeared that suggests more Xbox-exclusive titles will be transitioning to PC in the near future. The report, which comes from WPDang via Windows Central,... Read more
Quantum Break on PC requires Windows 10, DirectX 12
Previously an Xbox One exclusive, the hotly anticipated Quantum Break will also be coming to PC, with both versions set to be released on April 5th. As a nice bonus for people with both systems, Microsoft revealed that anyone who pre-orders the Xbox One version will get the Windows... Read more
Microsoft has now made Windows 10 a ‘recommended update’ rather than an optional one
Microsoft is continuing its quest to get Windows 10 installed on every PC on the planet. After it revealed last month that all new processors will only be compatible with the company’s latest operating system, it’s now been announced that Windows 10 has become a ‘Recommended update’ in the... Read more
Pre-orders now being accepted for Oculus Rift PC bundles
Today is the big day for those looking to save a bit of coin on the purchase of an Oculus Rift and a PC to power the experience as Amazon, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store are now accepting pre-orders for Rift bundles. Pricing starts at $1,499 for the... Read more
Google is reportedly working on a standalone VR headset – no PC, console or laptop required
Last week, it was reported that Google would be releasing a device sometime later this year as a successor to its Cardboard virtual reality system; one that would supposedly feature a host of improvements over the cheap VR viewer, and be more like Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Now, a... Read more
Weekend Open Forum: Which PC case do you use?
One of the very first premium aftermarket computer cases I acquired was a Lian Li PC-60. In the 15 or so years since, I’ve had the opportunity to work with probably a hundred or more cases of varying shapes, sizes, building materials and price points including my current chassis,... Read more
Nvidia stock surges after company posts record sales
There was some good news for the PC industry yesterday; despite a global slowdown in the number of computers sold, hardware sales are improving – for Nvidia, at least. The GPU maker reported that it had beaten fourth quarter earnings targets and posted record revenue for both Q4 and... Read more