Germany approves the use of government-developed malware to monitor suspects
The German government has taken the controversial decision to allow intelligence agencies to use malware for the purpose of monitoring people under suspicion. A spokesman for the German interior minister announced on Monday that authorities would be able to use government-developed trojan software to infect a suspect’s computers and... Read more
DirectX 12 Multi-GPU Technology Tested: GeForce and Radeon Paired Together
Previewing DX12 Multi-Adapter with Ashes of the Singularity Ashes of the Singularity gave us an early peek at how AMD and Nvidia’s current GPUs are shaping up for DirectX 12 when we checked out the upcoming real-time strategy title last November. Back then our focus was primarily on DX11... Read more
How to fix Windows 10-related WiFi problems
Windows 10 is still a relatively new operating system, and you are likely to encounter a few issues after you install it, even if you use themain version and not the Insider Preview build. For instance, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about WiFi-related problems. Since I have also been... Read more
The best tools to manage your eBooks
Reading isn’t a popular hobby anymore, and those who still read usually prefer digital books to the actual ones because they are easier to procure, store and maintain. While there are numerous tools that can help you read your eBooks in decent conditions, there aren’t many – to help... Read more
How to know if your PC is part of a botnet
Botnets are the “big bad wolf” of the Internet, and the problem is that your PC might be a part of one, and you might not even know it. For those of you who are not familiar with the topic, botnets are an “army” of computers which get infected... Read more
Best Google Doodle designs for 2015
Not only do the guys at Google possess superior intelligence, they also show a great sense of humor and enthusiasm. From time to time, the search giant’s team introduces artistic and inspiring transformations of the company’s logo to celebrate special occasions, major events or important anniversaries. Today known as... Read more
Top 7 Chrome extensions to make the Internet easier to use
The Internet can be a complicated place even for those who are tech-savvy, so there is no such thing as “too much help” when it comes to browsing. Furthermore, Chrome may be one of the best tools of its kind, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Google’s browser will... Read more
Best websites to download free eBooks
From a very young age, we’re taught that reading is the greatest and simplest way to knowledge and fulfillment, even in today’s world of ubiquitous screens and digital media. When we read, our life expands, the mind is stimulated, a weak memory memory is strengthened, and all the daily... Read more
Windows Search alternatives: find a file in record time
Most people find it difficult to organize thousands of files stored on their computers in a clear way. So do I. Without a system, it often becomes problematic to me to find a particular file on my PC, especially since a directory contains a large number of unmanageable items... Read more
How to fix your PC’s USB ports
USB ports, just like everything in your PC, may occasionally stop working. However, what you might not know about them is that quite often USB ports don’t break down for good. In many situations the problem comes from software or firmware (drivers) and not the hardware itself. So, if one of... Read more