Windows Search alternatives: find a file in record time
Most people find it difficult to organize thousands of files stored on their computers in a clear way. So do I. Without a system, it often becomes problematic to me to find a particular file on my PC, especially since a directory contains a large number of unmanageable items... Read more
How to fix your PC’s USB ports
USB ports, just like everything in your PC, may occasionally stop working. However, what you might not know about them is that quite often USB ports don’t break down for good. In many situations the problem comes from software or firmware (drivers) and not the hardware itself. So, if one of... Read more
How to a create a USB recovery drive for Windows 10
A Windows 10 USB recovery drive is a bootable USB device that gives you access to a number of troubleshooting and recovery tools. If your operating system doesn’t want to boot anymore, or if when it does you see a bunch of errors, having a recovery drive can be... Read more
What’s Steam OS and how to install it on your PC
If you’re into gaming and own or have recently owned a PC, then you’ve surely heard about Valve, the company that made Half-life, Portal, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead and many other successful games. You probably also know about Steam, Valve’s gigantic marketplace which gives people access to a... Read more