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One of the few anabolic medicines that are used by most of the men and women safely is the new hi-tech depressant called the Anavar. Its scientific name is Oxandrolone or orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS). It is the first prescribed medicine available in the United States in the year of 1964. Researchers and medical professionals use them for a wide range of treatment. It is used for curing idiopathic short stature, Turner syndrome, and loss of body mass from catabolic illness or prolonged period corticosteroid treatment. The medicine is well established for the use of severe burns. The medicine is largely considered as growth hormone. Some bodybuilders use this medication for its muscle building properties. Therefore you can see that this medicine is used to treat a lot of disabilities which are approved as safe by the FDA. As of 2016, doctors prescribe it for the aid of development in girls who are suffering from Turner syndrome or someone who has HIV/AIDS.

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Chemical configuration of the growth enhancing pill

Specifically, it is a dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT) that has been altered structurally. The chemical body has an added atom of oxygen in the place of carbon-2 in the A-ring. For this reason,the dosage of Hi-Tech Anavar varies on an individual depending on the body condition. People often mistake it as a mere medication based on sexual life, but in reality, proper usage of the growth enhancer plays a big role in achieving independent goals. The replacing of the carbon atom increases the hormone’s anabolic activity. It also protects the medication from being broken down metabolically. As a therapeutic agent, the hi-tech booster is the common prescription for the purpose of weight gain due to surgery or infection. You can also call the medicine as a performance enhancing drug. That is why it is very popular in most athletes appreciating on the chemical bonding which carries massive anabolic that is three to six times stronger than testosterone.

Administration of the growth hormone

The dosage of Hi-Tech Anavar for the cause of therapeutic treatment normally consists five to ten milligrams of dosage every day. It can be extended till twenty milligrams but not more than that. This usage will run for two to four weeks with an off period of one week and again implanting the same for the next two to four weeks. So what is the necessity of the dosage? What if you go beyond the prescribed level? The answer is very simple; it stands responsible for many negative effects all over your body. One of them is androgenic. Though it is not an extremely potent androgenic medicine, but still it has some androgenic activity. Such existence can cause acne, hair loss or baldness but increasing hair growth on the body. The over dosage will also contribute to cardiovascular problems that are mostly concerned on your cholesterol. It increases the cholesterol by thirty percent. Thus, maintaining a healthy dosage for your healthy lifestyle is imperative. As long as you follow the protocol of the prescription, the longer you enjoy the usage with multiple health benefits.

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