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Bodybuilders have used Clenbuterol during their cutting phase and claimed that it indeed helped in cutting down the fat. It has also been used as a performance enhancing drug; this really helped the athletes to have an edge over their competitors. This was actually a blessing for them to get their desired result with a help of drug. But as it is a banned drug it has proved to be a curse for those who have been caught and have been banned from the game for a certain number of years which not only has tarnished their image in public and sports world but ended their illustrious careers.

Being stripped of titles, medals and banned from sporting activity is the result of the usage of clenbuterol in competitive sports if you are caught. There are still many who do take the drug but haven’t been in the dock yet. It’s every athlete mental weakness and pressure to do well for glory and pride to take on drugs that can be hazardous to their career and health too.

It is very popular among ladies as it has minimal androgenic effects on the body such as hair growth all over body, male voice, and acne and body type like that of men.

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Side effects of using clenbuterol

There are numerous side effects of using clenbuterol and if you are having an underlying medical condition it really is bad. This drug is strictly advised by the medical professionals to be taken under guidance and a medical check up before the consumption of clenbuterol. Nervousness is attributed as a side effect as mentioned above that it acts as a stimulant and this may cause a side effect as such. Other ailments such tachycardia, thyrotoxicosis, high blood pressure and subaortic stenosis. Grab more knowhow from this source.

People who have overdosed on clenbuterol have had bizarre symptoms such as muscle tremors, gastric irritation palpitations, headaches, dizziness etc. This is when the individual may have taken in more than 120mcgof dosage.

Food contamination by clenbuterol

The livestock especially chickens and poultry etc are given this drug to get leaner meat that is reduce fat to muscle ratio. The animals such as pigs, cows are injected or put in their feed so that they have more muscle and less fat. But consumption of this meat has cause an outbreak of hazards in many countries and hence been banned all over for the use of clenbuterol on animals. China, Portugal, shanghai are places where people have been poisoned or fallen seriously ill after the consumption of contaminated meat by using clenbuterol.

Use on animals

This drug was mainly made for use of animals and humans with severe respiratory disorders. Horses suffer from allergic respiratory diseases clenbuterol acts as bronchodilator. It is used in cows as mentioned above it is used in smooth muscle relaxation of the uterus during parturition.

Usually a little research will go a long way to get the authentic stuff and liquid form can go awry by not getting the dosage right. Hence, users should pay attention while purchasing online clen.

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