Blogging Platforms Compared – Which Wins Out?
It seems that every man and his dog has a blog (they used to be called weblogs). Whether you’re using it as your online journal to document your personal thoughts or you’re blogging about a specific industry or even producing content solely to make money it helps to know... Read more
Lenovo Miix 520 Leaked, a New 2-in-1 Tipped to Take on Microsoft Surface Pro 4
After Microsoft launched its new Surface lineup at its October 27 event, Lenovo can be seen upping the game with its own 2-in-1 offerings. The Chinese tech company launched an improved Miix 510 in August and now it seems Lenovo is bringing a new 2-in-1 to its Miix range.... Read more
Eve V Crowdfunded Windows 10 Tablet Reportedly Has Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Attention
Even though Microsoft’s Surface tablets are considered to be one of the best in their class, there is a new hybrid tablet that has peaked the curiosity of Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. Eve V, a Windows 10-powered tablet, was developed with the inputs provided by user community created by... Read more
Kerala has become a truly ‘digital state’: President Pranab Mukherjee
President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday lauded Kerala’s achievements in promoting information technology and declared the state to be the first “digital state” of India. ”With broadband connectivity in every Gram Panchayat, Kerala has emerged as a truly digital state,” Mukherjee said at a function at the Cyber Park near. The... Read more
Google is reportedly working on a standalone VR headset – no PC, console or laptop required
Last week, it was reported that Google would be releasing a device sometime later this year as a successor to its Cardboard virtual reality system; one that would supposedly feature a host of improvements over the cheap VR viewer, and be more like Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Now, a... Read more
Lasers may be able to propel spacecraft to Mars at a significant fraction of the speed of light
NASA late last year outlined a three-phase plan to send astronauts to Mars. The ambitious undertaking, much of which involves ongoing space research and developing methods to harvest resources from Mars to sustain human life, is on schedule to unfold over the next several years. Those challenges aside, perhaps... Read more
Leap Motion finds a purpose in virtual reality
When Leap Motion first unveiled its gesture-based controller in May 2012, many were skeptical of its capabilities and questioned its need in the marketplace. Similarities were drawn to early smartwatches in that they didn’t really serve a purpose or fill a need. By the time its motion controller was... Read more
Learn Ruby on Rails with this comprehensive bootcamp, now 97% off
Ruby on Rails is straight-forward, intuitive and a go-to destination for savvy programmers looking to innovate. Ruby packs a lot of power under its modest hood, and those looking to harness that power can learn the ins and outs with this Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp bundle. With the... Read more
Researchers develop a robotic third arm to give drummers a helping hand
As someone who briefly played drums in a college band, I can appreciate how helpful having a third arm would be when it comes to hammering out complicated solos. It seems that researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology also thought that drummers could use a helping hand, and... Read more
Ace the MCSA Windows Server 2012 & Cisco Network Associate Ceritifcations
For an IT pro it’s important to get certified training with systems from the biggest companies in the networking game. You can lift your CV to the next level with this package of MCSA Server 2012 & Cisco Network Associate Certification Training, now available at a low $69.99 —... Read more