Starting today, the Khronos Group’s Vulkan API wants to change OpenGL for the better
After serving as the standard since shortly after its release in 1992, Silicon Graphics’ OpenGL API has been responsible for some of the sleekest looking gaming experiences across any number of platforms. Unfortunately, given its age, it’s also been the source of some fairly hefty criticism when compared to... Read more
BitTorrent launches new subscription tier that removes ads from uTorrent
Tired of seeing ads on uTorrent? There’s now another solution to eliminate them but of course, it’ll cost you (just not as much as before). Following a brief beta stint, BitTorrent has rolled out an annual subscription servicethat’ll eliminate ads from uTorrent. It’s priced at $4.95 per year but... Read more
Microsoft introduces more Windows 10 lock screen ads, but removing them is easy
Microsoft may have allowed users of its popular operating systems to upgrade to Windows 10 for free last year, but the company hasn’t hidden the fact that it will use various methods to monetize the platform. In April 2015, the Redmond firm revealedthat one way it would do this... Read more
Android for desktop fork “Remix OS” gets 32-bit support, OTA updates and more
A company called Jide has been working on a desktop-optimized fork of Android for a little over a year now. After Kickstarting a tablet running its custom software in March 2015 and later following with a small set-top box, the company now plans to release itsRemix OS for free... Read more