Watch India vs Pakistan T20 live streaming; mobile apps to check live score of Asia Cup 2016
An India versus Pakistan Cricket match doesn’t really require any previews or analysis. It is purely a game of passion. In just an hour, the fourth T20 match in the ongoing Asia Cup 2016 kicks off between India and Pakistan. The match is live on Star Sports, but in... Read more
Mario Kart fans race through a shopping mall on Razor Crazy Carts
What happens when you take a group of Mario Kart fanatics, equip them with Razor Crazy Carts (which are insanely cool, by the way) and set them loose in a London shopping mall (uninvited)? If you answered loads of fun, you’re right. That’s exactly what takes place in the... Read more
Smartphones with a 7-day battery life will be here within two years, says fuel-cell maker
Today’s smartphones may have features we never thought possible many years ago, such as high-speed internet access, biometric scanners, 4K video recording, and even limited VR capabilities, but this all comes at the expense of one area that many older cell phones are fondly-remembered for: battery life. While plenty... Read more
1Password adds family subscription plan, access for five members for $5 per month
Sharing passwords typically isn’t a good idea but hear me out on this one. Popular password manager 1Password has introduced a new family plan that allows up to five people to create their own personal accounts, share a group of passwords and more – all under one subscription. 1Password... Read more
Hollywood hospital pays ransomware attackers $17,000 to release its systems
As anyone who has experienced it will tell you, ransomware can be a nightmare. Once it infects a network, it can encrypt all the files and will demand payment (nearly always Bitcoin) before it hands over an unlock key. These attacks often come with a warning that unless the... Read more
MasterCard wants to replace passwords and PINs with selfies
In the ongoing search for the successor to unsecure passwords and PINs, financial services giant MasterCard is taking a modern approach to authenticating transactions called MasterCard Identity Check. Last year, MasterCard completed a pilot program for a feature that allows users to authenticate online transactions using facial recognition. Dubbed... Read more