Microsoft acquires education-focused version of ‘Minecraft’
Microsoft is doubling down on its Minecraft education initiative. The Redmond-based company on Tuesday announced it has acquired MinecraftEdu, a version of the game designed specifically for use in the classroom. MinecraftEdu was created by Teacher Gaming, a startup co-founded by former computer teacher Joel Levin. His company licensed... Read more
Ultra-high-end Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 models now available
Microsoft hit a home run in the hardware department with its Surface Pro 4 andSurface Book. Unveiled in early October, the devices were offered in multiple configurations although the ultra-high-end models weren’t yet ready. Now, three and a half months later, their time has come. The top-end Surface Pro... Read more
Microsoft built a datacenter that sat on the bottom of the Pacific ocean for three months
Our increased reliance on cloud-based services is forcing some in the datacenter industry to rethink their strategy. As you may know, it takes an incredible amount of energy to keep massive datacenters cool – so much so that companies like Facebook,Google and now Microsoft are experimenting with unconventional approaches... Read more
Microsoft’s new Android alarm app won’t stop until you’re super awake
Did someone ever try to wake you up by singing or opening the blinds or doing something equally annoying? My Mom was partial to singing a song about birds and the sun, and I hated it as a teenager. Now, thanks to Microsoft, there’s an app that will annoy... Read more
Microsoft Edge’s InPrivate browsing may not be very private
When Microsoft’s Edge browser arrived last summer alongside Windows 10, it was hailed as a massive improvement over the much-derided Internet Explorer that it was replacing. But the lack of cross-platform and extension support has meant that most people who try Edge don’t stick with it. Now, it looks... Read more
Microsoft’s Surface division grows in strong Q2
Microsoft’s financial results for the second quarter of their fiscal 2016 (Q4 of calendar 2015) are in, and the company has reported GAAP revenues of $23.8 billion ($25.7 billion non-GAAP) for profits of $5.0 billion ($6.3bn non-GAAP), beating estimates. The Surface division was one of the highlights of Microsoft’s... Read more