Time Inc. reportedly interested in merging with Yahoo

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Time Inc. is said to be the latest company interested in some or all of Yahoo’s assets. Sources familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg that Time Inc., which owns Sports Illustrated, Time, Fortune and People magazines, has heard a presentation from Citigroup bankers on Yahoo’s behalf.

If true, Time Inc. would be considered an underdog among bigger entities like AT&T and Verizon that are also said to be interested in Yahoo. Even still, it may be worthwhile for Time Inc. as the company could pursue a structure called a Reverse Morris Trust which is a tax-free transaction in which a company merges with a spun-off subsidiary, the publication notes.

Should the Reverse Morris Trust scenario play out, current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wouldn’t remain with the company according to one source.

The deal is said to be of real interest to Time Inc. Chief Executive Officer Joe Ripp. Before becoming CEO of Time Inc. in 2013, Ripp served as finance chief and vice chairman at America Online. As such, he’s said to have some ideas as to what to do with Yahoo should a merger come to fruition.

A merger with Time Inc. would also be a way for Yahoo to avoid selling at a time when its valuation is extremely low. That said, a cash deal from a larger company would likely be enough to sway Yahoo’s board to look past a merger with Time Inc.

Representatives from all parties involved declined to comment on the matter.

The best tools to manage your eBooks

Reading isn’t a popular hobby anymore, and those who still read usually prefer digital books to the actual ones because they are easier to procure, store and maintain. While there are numerous tools that can help you read your eBooks in decent conditions, there aren’t many – to help youmanage them. This is why, I’ve decided to write this article and show you the best tools for managing your digital books. These applications will come in handy whether you’re dealing with just a few eBooks or with an entire collection.

Epubor eBook Converter Ultimate

Epubor eBook Converter UltimateEpubor eBook Converter Ultimate

Let’s start off with a really awesome application that allows you to convert your eBooks between various formats so that you can easily read them on any device and app. Epubor eBook Converter Ultimate is a handy tool that allows you to convert a wide variety of eBook formats and, what’s even better, can help you circumvent DRM schemes. Unlike many other similar applications that you can find on the market, eBook Converter Ultimate embeds all the decryption capabilities that you require in its programming, so you won’t need any additional plug-ins or third-party tools. Lastly, the tool is amazingly easy to use and convenient, offering drag-and-drop functionality and allowing you to load eBooks directly from your device or from your hard disk. From my personal experience, this tool is unmatched when it comes to eBook DRM removal capabilities, but not everybody can afford it as it costs $24.99.

Free Online eBook Converter

In case you’re looking for a very simple and free solution for converting your eBooks, you might want to know that there’s an online service which offers you just that. Free Online eBook Converter is a web tool that allows you to convert your digital books into some of the most popular formats such as: EPUB, MOBI, FB2, AZW3, RTF, PDF and HTMLZ. The service offers limited functionality, only allowing you to convert your books and add a footer or a header, but it doesn’t cost you anything and it gets the job done. To use it, simply upload the file you want to convert, select the desired format and then click on the Download Converted Filebutton.



Calibre isn’t just a great eBook reading application but also a sensational solution for managing your entire book collection. This application is capable of working with almost every eBook format that currently exists, lets you add extensive metadata details to your books and conveniently groups all the items from your collection. Another big plus for Calibre is the fact that it’s also a full-blown editor for EZW and EPUB eBooks. Lastly, this open-source tool allows you to search and download new eBooks directly from its interface, so you should really check it out.

Alfa Ebooks Manager

Alfa Ebooks ManagerAlfa Ebooks Manager

A bit more simplistic than Calibre, Alfa Ebooks Manager is another reliable tool for managing your eBook collection. What’s really cool about this application is that it allows you to create realistic 3D models based on the covers of your books, so your library won’t only be neatly organized but also visually pleasing. Additionally, you can add as many tags as you want to make your entire collection easy to sort through. The tool scans your entire hard disk, finding and organizing all the eBooks you store on your PC, then updates the metadata of your books with information that it takes from online sources such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Library, etc. Unfortunately, unlike Calibre, this application isn’t free, so you will have to pay $19.95 to try the program in its full capacity.

Epubor Kindle Transfer

Epubor Kindle TransferEpubor Kindle Transfer

I couldn’t end this list without mentioning a tool that helped me out of a tight spot when I wanted to load my Kindle with some reading material for a trip. Epubor Kindle Transfer is a handy application that allows its users to easily move eBooks from their hard disks to their Kindle or Kobo devices and vice versa. The tool easily converts EPUB and PDF files into the MOBI format (which is compatible with both previously mentioned devices). Another great thing about Epubor Kindle Transfer is that it also allows you to transfer files directly between two readers, so you don’t have to waste time by using your PC as an intermediary storage. The tool costs $17.99, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth its price.

Now, after you’ve seen some great tools that can help you manage your eBooks, you might also want to check out the best websites for downloading free eBooks or find out the top 7 eBook reading tools for Windows.

Best Google Doodle designs for 2015

Not only do the guys at Google possess superior intelligence, they also show a great sense of humor and enthusiasm. From time to time, the search giant’s team introduces artistic and inspiring transformations of the company’s logo to celebrate special occasions, major events or important anniversaries. Today known as Google Doodle, the first creative illustration appeared with a 1998 visit to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin used it as an ‘out of office’ message to the website’s visitors.

Since then, more than 2000 doodles have been created worldwide, progressing from minor logo tweaks to mind-blowing illustrations and interactive games. Thanks to the vast Google Doodles archive, we’ve picked up the most impressive and engaging designs we’ve seen in 2015 so far. Would like to know which ones are yours? You’re very welcome to take a look.

Halloween – Global Candy Cup 2015

Halloween - Global Candy Cup 2015Halloween – Global Candy Cup 2015

With the excitement of Halloween, Google releases the festive-themed doodles every recent year and 2015 was no exception. To get into the spirit of the spookiest day of the year, the team created an addictive game users could play right in their browsers. The Global Candy Cup 2015 featured four cute multicolored witches, each representing a team, whose mission was to collect as much candy as possible, while racing through various obstacles like crows and ghosts. Players picked one of the teams to join and did their best to add to the team’s score. Take a turn at the game now and you’ll know who went home with the Cup

Evidence of water found on Mars

Evidence of water found on MarsEvidence of water found on Mars

Specially for NASA’s announcement that it had found evidence of water flowing on Mars, Google designed a nice animated Mars-themed doodle that touched the hearts of millions ofpeople all over the world. To mark the major discover, the Doodle team replaced the second ‘o’ in the word Google with acute Red Planet charactersipping a glass of water. Look at it! Isn’t it adorable?

International Women’s Day 2015

International Women's Day 2015International Women’s Day 2015

Women are changing the world and Google knows about it. Celebrating the annual holiday that always falls on March 8, the company posted an inspiring illustration that depicted various ways women of different careers, from scientist to explorer, contribute to the common welfare. Thank you, Google. We appreciate how you treat us.

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song Contest

Along with all the notable events of 2015,Google didn’t forget to mark the 60th anniversary of the annual Song For Europe contest called Eurovision. As a rule, the singing competition fever spreads every May, as over 200 million viewers across Europe gather together to cheer up their favorites. To celebrate the Eurovision Saturday’s final, Google dedicated its 23 May doodle to the song contest. The colorful picture was filled with funny cartoon characters that represented Europe’s diversity and talents.

Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th Year

Ludwig van Beethoven has long been considered one of the most famous and influential composes ever lived. Although it’s still unclear when the composer was born, 17 December 2015 commemorated the 245th anniversary of his baptism and what Google found worthy of an appealing special doodle. The Google’s Beethoven doodle was presented as more of a puzzle and highlighted the virtuoso’s most recognizable compositions in a very interactive way. Players needed to put sheets of music in the right order to reproduce some of Beethoven’s most famous works.

Top 7 Chrome extensions to make the Internet easier to use

The Internet can be a complicated place even for those who are tech-savvy, so there is no such thing as “too much help” when it comes to browsing. Furthermore, Chrome may be one of the best tools of its kind, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Google’s browser will offer you every function that you’ll ever need, or that the existing ones can’t be improved. This is why I’ve decided to write a list and show you the top seven Chrome extensions that will simplify many of your daily Internet activities.



If you’re one of the people who keep hitting the refresh button in order to be one of the first to see when tickets to an event become available, or when Black Friday deals are posted online, then you will surely appreciate a tool like VisualPing. This Chrome extension allows you to monitor any website that you want and emails you as soon as it has been updated. Sure, there may be a few false alarms from time to time, but your F5 button deserves a break.

Tab Snooze

Tab SnoozeTab Snooze

Having too many tabs opened is one of problems that I face regularly. It’s not just that they unnecessarily take up system resources, but it’s also quite easy to get mixed up in all of them, click the wrong tab and lose my valuable time. Closing the extra ones would be a simple solution, but most of the time I’m afraid I’ll forget how to get to the respective page or forget about that tab altogether. As its name implies, Tab Snooze lets you close any tab that you have opened and automatically relaunches it after a predetermined period of time.



As far as I’m concerned, Google’s mail service is the best free one available, and that’s why I’ve been using it for more than ten years. But there’s still room for improvement. A little while ago I’ve showed you how to send self-destructing emails using a tool named Dmail, but there’s also another Chrome extension that can help you out. After you add Mail2Cloud to your browser, you will be able to track the clicks on your email attachments, schedule email sending, send self-destructing messages, set automatic replies and much more.

Panic Button

Panic ButtonPanic Button

Being caught red-handed is never fun, especially when we’re talking about Internet browsing. Just imagine trying to order a surprise present for a friend whose birthday is coming up when they suddenly walk in and ruin the surprise. Using the Alt + Tab key combination is a simple solution, but it will probably make your friend suspicious, and it only works if you have another application running on your PC. Panic Button offers a better fix, as it allows you to customize a key combination that you use whenever you want to instantly hide all the pages you are browsing and replace them with the ones that won’t attract any attention.

Minimalist for Everything

Minimalist for EverythingMinimalist for Everything

If there are too many things displayed on your screen, and they’re stopping you from focusing on the important content of the webpage you’re visiting, then you need to find a way to make things better. Fortunately, there is a Chrome extension called Minimalist for Everything that removes all the clutter, making things easier for your eyes and helping you stay focused on what’s important.



I’m sure you’ll be very “surprised” to find out that my job involves a lot of writing in a browser-based interface, so you can imagine how “happy” I am when the browser crashes. Fortunately, there’s a handy Chrome extension called Lazarus which automatically saves everything that I write, so that I can easily recover it in case something happens. This tool is capable of saving all the forms that you complete in a form, so once you install it, you’ll never lose any texts that you write, ever again.

TunnelBear VPN


Region-blocked content has been a nuisance for a long time now, so there are many of solutions to deal with this problem. TunnelBear VPN is an easy fix, but it’s also a limited one. If you only need to watch a video or go to a website every once in a while, you can use it without any problems. However, if you plan on using VPN extensively, then you’ll most likely need to pay for a subscription or find a different solution. In case you’re not sure about what your alternatives are, you should check out my previous article: “How to Bypass Region-Blocked Content”.

If your browser has gotten too cluttered with extensions and toolbars, I’ve already written an article called: “Clean Up Your Chrome Browser with Google’s Software Removal Tool”, which will help you solve that issue. In case Google Chrome isn’t your favorite browser, and you prefer Mozilla Firefox instead, you should check out these add-ons that will help you reduce Firefox’s resource consumption.

Best websites to download free eBooks

From a very young age, we’re taught that reading is the greatest and simplest way to knowledge and fulfillment, even in today’s world of ubiquitous screens and digital media. When we read, our life expands, the mind is stimulated, a weak memory memory is strengthened, and all the daily stress slips away. Since we don’t need a tree to make a book anymore, reading has become even more enjoyable with digital ebooks. You just download an Eco-friendly book and keep it with you to work out your brain anytime you like.

Specially for you, virtual bookworms, we’ve rounded up the most helpful websites where you can get a good ebook without spending a dime. Browse through these websites and discover new free (yes, free!) ebooks that are completely legal to download.

Google Play Books

If you’re a fan of all Google’s products, you’ll surely love the free section of its eBookstore. Here you’ll find tons of freebies from a variety of genres. Explore and discover written bestsellers and favorite classics, check out other users’ reviews and ratings, and get ebooks in various formats, like PDF or ePub.

Hundred Zeros

Download free ebooks on Hundred ZerosDownload free ebooks on Hundred Zeros

The Hundred Zeros collection catalogs free Kindle best selling ebooks that are currently available on Amazon. Hourly updating the listings, Hundred Zeros allows users to browse by category, look for a particular topic in the sidebar or just enjoy the current top titles on its homepage. It’s OK if you don’t own a Kindle: you can download the Hundred Zeros ebooks on your PC, tablet as well as smartphone.

Project Gutenberg

As one of those that pioneered free ebook creation and sharing,Project Gutenberg comprises a huge collection of more than 45,000 freebies. Availabe in ePub, Kindle, HTML, and simple text formarts, all the books can be either read online or downloaded for later use on your PC.


This is the place for students where you can get eTextbooks not free of charge, but at a very low price. On eCampus, you can rent a digital textbook, buy or sell a used one, or look through an extensive fiction library in case you’d just like to ease your mind from learning.

Open Library

Read free ebooks on Open LibraryRead free ebooks on Open Library

Featuring more than million free titles, Open Library is like Wikipedia for books. It’s an open online project of Internet Archive, where you can contribute books, find information on almost any existing titles, get references where to download books in various digital formats, and add a description to the public catalog.


All free ebooks on ScribdAll free ebooks on Scribd

Created for the most avid readers, Scribd is the largest digital book library you can’t miss. With the free 14-day trial, readers can access books and written works of all kinds, including comics and audiobooks. The website stores millions of titles and features the app for Android and Apple devices, which rids users of annoying format conversion or poor reading experience.

Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online is the library of professional-oriented content where you can explore over 30,000 books and videos on coding, big data, project management, analytics, and other IT subjects. Like Scribd, the Safari website provides the free 10-day trial so you can access and browse all the content and get profound IT knowledge without having to dip into your pocket.