Logitech’s Prodigy line of mice, keyboard and headset want to be your first gaming accessories
$70. That’s how much Logitech is betting gamers will be willing to spend on a headset, mouse, or keyboard if they don’t already own a dedicated piece of gaming gear. As long as I’ve been following Logitech’s gaming brand, it’s always launched one or two new mice or keyboards... Read more
The Best CPU Coolers

The Best CPU Coolers

Hardware February 27, 2016 0

There isn’t quite a one solution fits all product when it comes to CPU coolers. Folks with spacious full tower PCs won’t have an issue using a massive 160mm or taller tower style cooler such as the Noctua NH-D15 while those who don’t have that kind of cash might... Read more
EVGA’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti VR Edition sports a front breakout box
EVGA has today announced two new versions of their Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics cards that are specifically designed for people building VR-ready gaming systems. Known as the GeForce GTX 980 Ti VR Edition, these new cards come with a breakout box that put two USB 3.0 ports... Read more
Intel releases update to disable Skylake non-K CPU overclocking
Late last year, several motherboard manufacturers including ASRock released updates to their boards that allowed users to overclock locked Intel ‘Skylake’ CPUs. This meant that some of Intel’s lower-priced SKUs suddenly became great value, as overclocking them delivered performance in the range of more expensive parts. Naturally, Intel wasn’t... Read more
MSI’s eye-tracking GT72S G Tobii gaming laptop arrives
Back at CES 2016, MSI gave us the first look at their new gaming laptop, the GT72S Tobii, which includes an integrated Tobii eye tracking system and some top-end hardware. If you were interested in this particular laptop, it’s gone on sale todayexclusively through Newegg with a fairly substantial... Read more
Pre-orders now being accepted for Oculus Rift PC bundles
Today is the big day for those looking to save a bit of coin on the purchase of an Oculus Rift and a PC to power the experience as Amazon, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store are now accepting pre-orders for Rift bundles. Pricing starts at $1,499 for the... Read more
Nvidia launches GeForce 361.91 drivers for Street Fighter V
As is usually the case, Nvidia is on the ball with another GeForce graphics card driver release ahead of a major game launch. Today’s drivers, version 361.91 WHQL, bring ‘Game Ready’ optimizations for Street Fighter V, which launches tomorrow on PC and PlayStation 4. The GeForce 361.91 drivers also... Read more
AMD’s Zen processors to feature up to 32 cores, 8-channel DDR4
It looks like it will still be many months before we see anything official from AMD on their upcoming Zen processors, but that hasn’t stopped some information being presented at CERN’s recent IT Technical Forum. As spotted by The Tech Report, a CERN engineer revealed during the Forum that... Read more
HP to put FreeSync in all their AMD-based laptops
HP will be taking some of their entry-level and mid-range laptops to the next level,vowing to include FreeSync variable refresh technology in every consumer laptop with an AMD APU inside. Considering the low-power GPUs that will be included in these laptops, FreeSync has the ability to significantly improve the... Read more
Seagate crams 2 TB into a 7mm-thin laptop hard drive
There’s only a handful of laptops remaining that opt for hard drives over solid state drives, but there’s no doubting that the former still offers the best storage capacity at the best price, even at smaller form factors. Seagate has achieved even better capacity than what was previously available... Read more