SteamVR Performance Tool knows if your PC can Vive
We recently learned the price of the HTC Vive and all that your money will get you, but there was still one major detail that had yet to be confirmed by HTC or Valve; what PC specs will it take to run Vive. The new SteamVR Performance Test is... Read more
HTC adds new feature and throws in two games with the Vive
HTC has kept the price of the Vive from us long enough! While at Mobile World Congress the team let the cat out of the bag and officially announced the Vive’s price and all the features those dollars will get you. The price of HTC and Valve’s state-of-the-art virtual... Read more
3D printer creates braille maps for visually impaired
Using a high-tech 3D printer, a Rutgers University undergraduate and his professor have created sophisticated braille maps to help blind and visually impaired people navigate their surroundings. The three plastic tactile maps are for each floor at the Joseph Kohn Training Centre, a state-funded facility for the blind and visually... Read more
New HoloLens details revealed: 5.5-hour battery life, totally wireless, and more
While a lot of recent news has focused on virtual reality products such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it’s easy to forget about Microsoft’s augmented reality device – theHoloLens. We still don’t know a great deal about the headset, but some details have emerged regarding its connectivity,... Read more
Epic build with its Unreal Editor in virtual reality
As we teeter on the brink of modern virtual reality, developers are hard at work coding the imaginary worlds we’ll one day step foot in. Ironically enough, they’ve largely been building virtual experiences using traditional tools – you know, a mouse and keyboard. For the past year, Epic Games... Read more
New gestures and voice commands, plus speaker support coming soon to Android Wear
Android Wear users should be on the lookout for new ways to use Google’s wearable device platform. According to the Android Blog, there’s a firmware upgrade happening soon (“in the next few weeks”) that includes some new input and output features. Once the upgrade rolls out, Android Wear watches... Read more
Canon’s new EOS 80D DSLR takes aim at semi-professional crowd
Digital cameras may have taken a back seat to the sheer convenience afforded bysmartphone cameras but make no mistake; there’s still a market for interchangeable lens cameras, even at the non-professional level. Case in point is Canon’s new EOS 80D, a follow-up to 2013’s EOS 70D. This semi-professional DSLR... Read more
Smartwatch shipments soared 316 percent in Q4 2015, outpaced Swiss watches for the first time
I’ve taken multiple jabs at the usefulness of smartwatches over the past couple of years. To many (myself included), they simply don’t serve a purpose or fill a need – they’re a solution waiting for a problem to happen. Nevertheless, major technology brands have continued to pump out the... Read more
AT&T and Intel are testing the viability of using existing LTE networks to control aerial drones
AT&T’s Internet of Things team and the AT&T Foundry innovation center are partneringwith Intel to explore alternative methods to handle increased drone traffic. Specifically, they aim to determine if AT&T’s existing LTE network is up to the task of handling data transmission between aerial drones and their operators on... Read more
Valve’s latest utility determines your PC’s VR readiness, pinpoints bottlenecks
You’ve made the decision to invest between $600 and $800 on a premium virtual reality platform but do you know if your computer is up to the task? It’s a concern that at least a few will fail to address and wonder why their new toy is riddled with... Read more