Gory platformer Butcher channels Doom and Quake
Doom was never a fully 3D game of course, using various tricks to convince you that you weren’t shotgunning foul hell demons on a flat plane. But that shaky third dimension has been entirely done away with for Transhuman Design’s Butcher, a gory platforming shooter channeling Doom and Quake.... Read more
Ian Milham, Dead Space art director and BF Hardline lead, heads up Tomb Raider team
While a new Tomb Raider hasn’t yet been announced, some guy named Tom Braider has revealed who will be in charge of the inevitable next game: one Ian Milham. That’s the same Ian Milham who served as art director on the Dead Space series, and creative lead on Battlefield... Read more
New very last myth 15 details on Crashing Airships, Chocobos as opposed to motors, and extra
New final delusion XV gameplay details were revealed by using manner of square Enix’s modern lively Time file, a semi-ordinary video bulletin offering sport director Hajime Tabata. The occasion turned into broadcast in japanese, however DualShockers has furnished a recap of all of the new gameplay statistics discussed. amongst... Read more
Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming to 3DS in holiday 2016
The next two Pokemon games are coming to 3DS in time for holiday 2016, and they are indeed Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Nintendo confirmed the pair of new Pokemon titles in a brief Pokemon Direct presentation held on Friday, though it stopped short of showing anything about the games aside... Read more
Battlefield 5 is set in WW1 and coming in October, according to one listing
Battlefield 5 will see your demand for a return to World War 2 and raise you thatother numbered war, according to a listing on Swiss retailer World of Games (spotted by Liam Robertson). The description, which also pegs Battlefield 5 for release on October 26, 2016, originally called the game a “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter... Read more
The first trailer for The Ring vs. The Grudge is absolutely terrifying
Back in the late ’90s/early ’00s Japanese horror was in full swing, and it’s been a while since the genre delivered a good scare. Well, prepare for more sleepless nights because two of J-horror’s most iconic evil entities will battle in the upcoming crossoverThe Ring vs. The Grudge. You... Read more
MGS 5’s ending IS finished argues Japan’s biggest Metal Gear expert (but it’s complicated)
There’s no doubt that MGS 5 is an excellent game but the odd pacing and strange ending led many to argue that it was ultimately unfinished – with the ongoing disintegration of Kojima and Konami’s relationship clearly being held up as the culprit. It didn’t help that one piece of content,... Read more
Mortal Kombat arcade has a secret menu no one discovered for 24 years
Twenty-four years ago, a company called Midway Games released Mortal Kombat. You might’ve heard about it. What you might not have heard about was its secret menu, which has gone widely unknown until this year. The “EJB Menu” – EJB are creator Ed Boon’s initials – is known to... Read more
This iconic Ghostbusters character is returning for the reboot
We’ve known for a while that several cast members from the original are set to cameo in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, but one fan-favorite character has only been rumored up until this point. Slimer. No-one involved in the movie had confirmed or denied the presence of that green, binge-eating spectre. Well,... Read more
GTA Online stages explosive tank/buggy brawls in Rhino Hunt mode
Everybody knows there’s bad blood between tanks and dune buggies. Usually they keep their treads and oversized wheels to themselves, but the latest Adversary mode for GTA Online finally pushes the Hatfields and McCoys of the ground transport world into open warfare. Rhino Hunt mode sets a small team... Read more