Dr. Dre to star in Apple’s first original series
Rumors swirled late last year that Apple was exploring the possibility of creating its own original programming, possibly to spearhead its streaming TV ambitions. Now, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter claims Apple’s first original content is already filming and it stars one of the company’s most notable... Read more
Apple bans ‘The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’ as it shows “violence against children”
The excellent The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth may be a bit controversial in its subject matter, but you wouldn’t expect it to receive an outright ban for its content. Apple, however, seems to think that the game’s unsuitable for App Store users: the company has rejected the twin-stick shooter... Read more
Tim Cook says Apple will appeal judge’s order to unlock San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone
One day after a judge ordered Apple to help the FBI access the locked iPhone that was owned by Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters, CEO Tim Cook has spoken out against the decision, confirming that the company will appeal the order. Judge Sheri Pym said... Read more
Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone will likely ditch the ‘5’ and arrive as the iPhone SE
Apple is widely expected to release a smaller 4-inch iPhone as early as next month. It is believed that the handset, often dubbed the iPhone 5se, will essentially be a clone of the iPhone 5s Apple released in 2013 but with modern (faster) internal hardware. Sources reportedly familiar with... Read more
Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and others unite to support Apple in its court case against the DoJ
Rivalry between massive technology firms can be pretty extreme at times, with many of them launching lawsuits against each other on a regular basis, so it’s rare for big companies to show support for their competitors. But nothing has united the tech community quite like Apple’s battle with the... Read more
Apple releases “patch” that unbricks iPhones affected by Error 53
Earlier this month, The Guardian highlighted an issue in which iPhones that have had their Touch ID-equipped home button replaced by third-party (unauthorized) repair centers were essentially bricked after connecting to iTunes and upgrading to iOS 9. Apple described “Error 53” as a “security check.” iOS checks to see... Read more